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Tell the world about this TRAGEDY,
MIRROR these sites, LINK to these sites,
HELP them in whatever way you can.

Dear visitors,

Please keep this in mind,
"DO NOT blame and hate ALL Indonesians". This tragedy was caused by SOME irresponsible citizens. Other Indonesians are NOT to be blamed. There is no reason that you show anger and hate to all of them.

If you really want to help, start caring the people around you, there are still many that need your help, and they are just beside you. Think about it.

Please forward this "Yellow Ribbon" to all friends around the world to show our soladirity and sympathy for the victims of the riots and chaos in Indonesia from May to July, 1998.

Many Chinese Indonesian citizens were abused, tortured and killed. Their houses and stores were looted and burnt.

Hundreds of Chinese Indonesian girls and women (aged from 10 to 55) were sexually harassed and gang raped brutally. Some victims were even raped in front of their family members or in front of inhuman cheering crowd.

Some of them were thrown into the fire and burnt to death after being raped.

Yet, not many actions seem to have been taken to investigate all this or to help the victims. And not very many people seem to know or care about what happened.

Please help to spread the news and let the world know. We need help to get more international attention to help Chinese Indonesians, who are now living in fear in Indonesia.

Please pass this ribbon around as the symbol of campaign against human rights violations, injustice, and racism towards Chinese Indonesians.

Show that we care
and may God help us!

Again, please DO NOT blame ALL Indonesians.


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